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Taco Bell

Taco Bell took me on to create social media assets designed specifically for user engagement. 

Taco Bell Emoji Engine
The Brief: The emoji engine came about when iOS finally decided to release a Taco emoji. Once we got the green light, countless hours with a small team were spent building 600+ GIF’s. One taco emoji = 1,295 reasons to tweet @TacoBell.

The Idea: Working with Deutsch LA, our goal was to make sure every single emoji–all flags, all iOS exclusive emojis, and even emojis that have existed since 1991–have a response. We built ‘Taco Emoji Engine’ directly into Twitter. No apps to download, no extra websites to visit–all a user needed was an emoji keyboard and a Twitter account.

The Result: 500,000 hits in just 5 days.

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